“We believe in making a difference in peoples lives by providing a quality product  and personal service because people matter. Every detailed is pored into this with one special ingredient, love.”  

Quality Products and Personal Service

This family owned company, based in Sweet Home Alabama, founded by a good ol’ boy named Joseph Quentin Easterling, rivals other rental RV providers in the Southeastern United States. Ready to serve at over 35 pickup locations and supported by a lean team of five close friends and family.

We would enjoy getting to know you better. How about renting one of our RVs or Campers and we can chat about God, family and our great country… and if you stop by we can do so sitting in a rockin’ chair on my front porch while sipping on some good ol’ sweet tea smile


Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to take your family and go on trips to your favorite destinations without ever leaving the comfort of home?  How great would it be to take this dream vacation and not ever have to worry about airline tickets, schedules, restaurants, or locating vacant hotel rooms near the attraction you are heading to?  By renting a RV or Camper from JQ RV & Camper Rentals, this is now possible! 

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